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The TurboCAD-File-Library Message Board – the largest independent forum and user group focused on TurboCAD. Members share their experiences using TurboCAD and dessiminate their working knowledge of TurboCAD techniques and methods. Participation is open to all talented and friendly CAD users who might be interested in the group's grass-root efforts to establish a repository of reference information on our publicly searchable user forum, and to build-up an open source library of TurboCAD parts and symbols. We strive to make our spam-free forum a popular destination for those seeking TurboCAD answers and for sharing solutions. If you are looking for kindred spirits to share your interest in TurboCAD and the open source philosphy, try using the message board!

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User Group


The TurboCAD-File-Library is a large, independent user group with more than 5000 TurboCAD users. Membership is open to any talented and friendly CAD user who is capable of contributing to our grass-roots initiative. Active participation represents a constructive learning and testing resource. Members share resources and techniques via the group's Message Board, and contribute files to an open source CAD parts repository.

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Once you join the group, you'll have immediate access to all the features of the user group – post messages and participate in threaded discussions on the forum, freelance on any commercial projects, download and upload to the files area, plus more. You'll retain full control and ownership over all your file uploads – you can modify, update, or even delete them. And you can change your group membership settings and preferences at any time upon joining. Read the group's description…
  TurboCAD-File-Library - user group description

Admittedly ambitious is the goal of establishing an open source CAD parts library, consisting of blueprints, color palettes, documentation, details, hatch patterns, line styles, macros, materials, meshes, models, plugins, profiles, symbols, templates, textures, tutorials, etc. Such file(s) should be uploaded to the group's file repository…
  TurboCAD-File-Library - open source file repository

Membership is free. You are invited to join this friendly group of TurboCAD users who enjoy helping and learning from each other…
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Boost your working knowledge of 2D/3D design - TurboCAD 2D/3D Training Guide.

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