TurboCAD: Free Downloads

TurboCADables – this free download page was one of the very first posted on the web back in 1996 for TurboCAD resources. Most of the free downloads you’ll find here are for TurboCAD. Never used TurboCAD before? No problem. Get a free trial download of TurboCAD to test drive before deciding whether or not it’s worthwhile. Or scroll down to learn more about the latest Windows compatible free DoubleCAD XT or the Linux WineHQ compatible free TurboCAD LE. Also available are hatch patterns and color palettes for legacy versions of TurboCAD. Visit my hand-picked apps catalog for the latest up-to-date fully supported affordable design products direct from the publisher – including CAD symbols and parts, and training guides.

Yoo-hoo! Take note that this is a hand-crafted site – not another autoblog nor is the content auto-generated or scraped.
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Free Software

Free DoubleCAD XT

Better drafting and detailing, for free.DoubleCAD XT is an AutoCAD LT work-alike. But free! It’s also 5-Star Rated from the editors at CNET, and one of the most downloaded free CAD products available. Powerful 2D CAD capabilities, and great .DWG and .SKP compatibility makes DoubleCAD XT an invaluable free companion for AutoCAD and Google SketchUp users alike. For the latest Windows…
  Free DoubleCAD XT – download now

Free TurboCAD LE (Learning Edition)

TurboCAD LE (Learning Edition) is largely based on TurboCAD v4 and has been around for a very long time. You will find it to run unreliably, if at all, on the latest Windows from XP to 10. TurboCAD LE runs best on Windows 95 and 98. This is good news for Linux users using Wine – TurboCAD LE is a Platinum Rated app, it runs on Linux using WineHQ. TurboCAD LE is NOT supported to any extent by IMSI/Design. I am providing it as a free download* – as is…
  Free TurboCAD LE – download zip file (about 16.1 Mb)

*NOTE: After downloading TurboCAD LE, unzip the file to extract the setup folder, then run setup in the extracted folder.

Inexpensive Design Apps

If you do not require all the features of expensive high-end CAD software – rather than downloading one of the free apps above, consider these bargain design apps and products…
  Bargain design apps – read more

Free Trial Software

Download free trial software courtesy of IMSI/Design – TurboCAD, DesignCAD, FloorPlan, Renditioner (for Google SketchUp), and the pdf2cad app. Why buy software without first kicking the tires? No obligation to purchase – download a software app and try it out…
  Free Trial Downloads – discover an app!

Education & Training

For those having limited experience using CAD software, learn more about available helpful educational materials to get you started. As an alternative to books, training guides are quite effective when learning to use TurboCAD and DesignCAD…
  TurboCAD education and training – read more

Hatch Patterns & Color Palettes

67 Hatch Patterns for legacy TurboCAD

This is a collection of 67 hatch patterns for legacy versions of TurboCAD from v3 to v9 including Linux WineHQ compatible TurboCAD LE – wood, siding, shingles, glass, water, stipples, textures, circles, and various geological map patterns are some of the hatches. Instructions on how to install the hatch patterns are included in the zipped download…
  Free 67 Hatch Patterns – download zip file (about 10 Kb)

Hatch Pattern Tutorial for legacy TurboCAD

This guide describes how to create, modify, or add custom hatch patterns for use in legacy TurboCAD including Linux WineHQ compatible TurboCAD LE. TurboCAD (legacy), as does most CAD software, has a hatching tool that fills polygons with a brush style pattern; either a hatch or bitmap pattern. Such patterns are commonly used to denote a specific property or material – glass, wood, etc…
  How-to Tutorial – creating hatch patterns

Tweaked BrushStyle Table for legacy TurboCAD

This is an optional tweaked version of the TurboCAD brush style table that fixes some hatching anomalies. For legacy TurboCAD including Linux WineHQ compatible TurboCAD LE. Instructions on how to install the tweaked brush style table are included in the zipped download…
  Free BrushStyle Table – download zip file (about 10 Kb)

Four Color Palettes for legacy TurboCAD

This download contains an additional four color palettes for legacy TurboCAD including Linux WineHQ compatible TurboCAD LE. The classic Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 750C Plus 256-color Palette Demo, the Netscape-named 140-color (Windows) palette, a cross-platform (browser-safe) version of the TurboCAD 67-color palette, and a RGB version of the early ACAD 256-color palette. Instructions on how to install the color palettes are included in the zipped download…
  Free 4 Color Palettes – download zip file (about 10 Kb)

Other Resources

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