TurboCAD: Message Listserver

Do you have questions regarding your listserver subscription to the TurboCAD-File-Library – about email from the message board? This page describes subscription options to the group’s message board email, how to edit your email subscription to the message board and listserver, and the no-spam policy when using the message board. Here you will find information about accessing the message board by using a web browser to view/post messages, or instead by using email only to receive/post messages via the listserver – optionally batched into a single daily digest email, with other options to choose from as well. Last but not least, for those seeking to opt-out, follow the instructions to unsubscribe.

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Listserver Subscription

Message Board Email

No matter if you join the TurboCAD-File-Library or subscribe to the group’s listserver – by default each message once moderated and posted on the group’s Message Board will be emailed to you; this default email delivery option can be turned off. The group’s board runs in tandem with the listserver, and you have the choice of either joining the group by using a web browser (and your Y! account), or if you prefer, subscribing to the group’s board by emailing the listserver (with no need for a Y! account)*.

Use your browser to join the group and web post on the message board…
  TurboCAD-File-Library – join the user group
Or send a blank email to the group and subscribe to the listserver…
  [TurboCAD-File-Library] – subscribe using listserver

*NOTE: Those who join the group have access to all the features of the message board by using a web browser, whereas those who subscribe to the listserver receive and post messages by email alone.

Using the Message Board

The message board of the TurboCAD-File-Library works in tandem with the listserver. The message board is accessible to the public – messages posted on our board reach a broad audience and are actively indexed by search engines. Only members may post messages on the board. When posting messages* on the group’s board, please be considerate of others – do NOT spam the board or listserver! Spammers will be censored!

*NOTE: First-time posters to the message board will be moderated. Thereafter users are unmoderated and posts will appear on the board soon after submission. Those spamming the group will be censored! Every effort is made by the Moderators to keep the board and listserver spam-free.

You are welcome to post messages on the board, but to do so you must either join the group or subscribe to the listserver. Those whom joined the group may web* post…
  TurboCAD-File-Library – web post using browser
Or email* your message to the board using the following link…
  [TurboCAD-File-Library] – post message using email

*NOTE: File attachments are welcome if web posting to the message board, but not if posting by email. Email handled by the listserver automatically removes any attached files primarily for security reasons. Another option is to upload files to the group’s File Folder and then link back in your posted message.

When you post a message on the board, your email address will be visible to other group members, but it will NOT be available to the public or to search engines, nor should it be harvestable. Refer to the group’s Privacy Policy for more information.

Managing Your Subscription

Web Only (No Email)

If you prefer not to receive email from the TurboCAD-File-Library, or if you will be away and unable to check your email for some time, you can easily stop delivery. Members who joined the group have the option of selecting Web Only on their subscription settings webpage…
  TurboCAD-File-Library – edit subscription settings

Receive a Daily Summary

If you find the email volume too high from the TurboCAD-File-Library, you may instead receive a daily digest (summary) of messages batched into a single email. Those who joined the group may select Daily Digest on their subscription settings webpage…
  TurboCAD-File-Library – edit subscription settings
Otherwise receive a daily digest by sending a blank email* using the following link…
  [TurboCAD-File-Library] – daily digest delivery

*NOTE: When emailing the listserver, make sure you use the correct email account – that is, use the email address that is subscribed to the group’s listserver.

How to Unsubscribe

Of course you may leave the TurboCAD-File-Library and unsubscribe (opt-out) at any time. Those who joined the group may use their web browser. Look for the option to leave group on your subscription settings webpage…
  TurboCAD-File-Library – edit subscription settings
Otherwise you may unsubscribe by sending a blank email* to the listserver using the following link – you can use this option no matter if you joined the group or subscribed to listserver…
  [TurboCAD-File-Library] – unsubscribe (opt-out)

*NOTE: When emailing the listserver, make sure you use the correct email account – that is, use the email address that is subscribed to the group’s listserver.

As a last resort, if your attempts to unsubscribe are unsuccessful, you are welcome to ask for assistance by emailing the TurboCAD-File-Library Moderators.

Other Considerations

All changes to TurboCAD-File-Library membership settings are honored and should take effect immediately, but under some circumstances, it may take longer if the changes must be processed by the listserver (that is, when you make changes by emailing the listserver).
Please note that the information on this page applies to the TurboCAD-File-Library user group – read more about the group by using the following link…
  TurboCAD-File-Library – user group description

For additional information about how to manage your group membership settings and preferences, please use Y! Groups help…
  Y! Groups – help and frequently asked questions